Powerboating is a fast, furious and glamorous international sport. The world governing body, the Union Internationale Motonautique, hosts a series of sell-out events all over the world.

Sri Lanka is an ideal new location for the sport, and Lanka Powerboat Association (LPA) has been set up to promote and develop Powerboat racing in the country.

The LPA is developing a series of events to promote Sri Lanka on the power boating map and the sport’s global circuit.

To launch Sri Lanka onto the international stage, the LPA has organised a team of six international Thundercat pilots to come to Sri Lanka to train local co-pilots in order to host the first ever international Thundercat race in Sri Lanka.


Thundercat Racing is a one of the world’s most exhilarating water sports, accessible in over 18 countries with more joining.

The primary purpose of a Thundercat is surf racing and they race at high speeds in surf of up to 5 metres and wind speeds up to 45 knots. Crews consist of a pilot and a co-pilot.

The pilot drives from the rear of the Thundercat, while the co-pilot uses his weight to adjust the trim of the boat. Surf racing usually takes place as close to the shoreline as possible, ensuring an amazing spectacle for those on the shore, and fabulous racing for pilots and co-pilots.

Thundercat Racing has mass appeal to all ages offering fantastic entertainment. Thousands of spectators now follow Thundercat Racing, which is positioning itself as one of the most prominent water sports of the twenty first century.

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